Name: Carol Anson-Higgs

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Carol’s role is as the Chief Operating Officer for the Essex Provider Network. She also holds the post of Director of the Federation of Essex Colleges, a role that she finds works very well alongside the work that she does for the Essex Provider Network. Carol’s work includes maintaining relations with key stakeholders such as the local authorities, and ensuring that they are briefed about the capacity and capability of local providers.

Formerly the Vice Principal at South Essex College with responsibility for Apprenticeships and Business Development, Carol worked in the Further Education Sector for twenty years starting off as a part-time lecturer at South East Essex College and working her way up to the post of Vice Principal.

Prior to entering the FE sector, Carol was the owner of a private training college which she set up, lectured in and ran for eight years. Carol holds a first degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Education Management.