Name: Will Allanson

Position: Executive Director for Business Development


Will has worked within the Education and Skills sector for over 22 years, within three separate FE Colleges within London and Essex. During this time, he has held direct delivery and leadership roles all with a strong focus on employer and community based provision.

Will’s current role is placed within the College Executive Group, where he acts as College strategic lead for the following areas:

  • Developing the College’s overall Business Development Direction and Strategy
    Ensuring that the College meets its recruitment and audit commitments for all SFA, ESF/project based and commercial provision.
  • Positioning the College strongly with a number of strategically important external partners and stakeholders, particularly in relation to developments and opportunities emerging within the SELEP, SSCs, Local Authorities and JCPs.
  • Identifying and leading on the development of new adult and community based provision, in line with LMI, local and regional trends and advising managers, delivery teams and partners on such developments.

Will also works in partnership with other senior managers and key external partners in relation to ESF and other project tender bids, whilst acting both as prime and subcontracting partner. This extends to commissioning and monitoring sub-contractor provision, where the College leads on funded provision and also acting as College lead for all sub contracted provision from another prime provider.